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“Mann Makes it at Daytona”, Motorcyclist Magazine, June 1970

Performance Parts

Action Fours Catalog This is a 1979 Action Fours catalog with products covering the Honda 500/550/750 and Kawasaki 650/900/1000.
Arias Forged Racing Pistons Job Card This “Job Card” for CB750 pistons provides technical details as well as installation instructions for a batch of pistons made in 1998.
Arias Piston Installation Instructions Installation instructions for Arias forged aluminum pistons.
Carillo connecting rods specifications. A 2007 Carillo connecting rods specification sheet with torque values and wrist pin specs.
Crowerod Tag A spec sheet for a set of rods made for the Honda CB750 by Cower Rod in 2008.
Dixon Racing Limited 1982 Catalog The 1982 catalogue from British motorcycle tuning firm, Dixon Racing. This isn’t just a list of parts and prices, but a very informative booklet on motorcycle tuning.
Dixon Racing Limited 1982 price list The price list is for Yoshimura parts sold by Dixon Racing and covers the CB750 and CB400F among other bikes.
Dyna S Electronic Ignition Installation Instructions Dyna S Installation Instructions covering the DS1-1 for the Honda 350/400 and the DS1-2 for the 500/550/750.
Dynateck Dyna S Test A how-to from Dyna describing diagnostic testing methods for the Dyna S electronic ignition.
Dyna Ignition Coil Installation Installation instructions for Dyna ignition coils covering most applications.
Eckert CB500 and CB750 rear-sets A line sheet for the rear-sets made by Roland Eckert Sportmotorrader of Kupferzell-Belzhag, Germany.
1977 Eckert German Price Sheet 1977 price list for parts and services for the CB750 and CB500 by Roland Eckert Sportmotorrader of Kupferzell-Belzhag, Germany.
1982 Roland Eckert Catalog The Roland Eckert company catalog from 1982 (in German)
Gerex Ignition Instruction Sheet Installation instructions for the Gerex Multifire ignition system.
Sudco Keihin CR-Special Carburetor Owner’s Manual Technical information on jetting options for these carbs.
Keihin Troubleshooting Guide Covers the FCR and CR Special Carburetors.
1974 MotoRademacher Catalog MotoRademacher was a German company supplying general performance parts for the CB750.
Installation instructions for the Wiseco M Series pistons 2001
Wiseco Piston Ring Installation Instructions for the Wiseco 4 cycle/auto rings.
Yoshimura Cam Settings FOr the Yoshimura YH750-112-00 cam for the CB750.


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