The Big Fours

The introduction of the CB750 in 1969 marked the beginning of the SOHC/4 decade with the CB750 standing as the flagship of the line until 1978. During this time, the CB750 went through numerous changes mechanically and cosmetically and encompased three distinct model lines.

The CB750K which officially entered the nomenclature in 1970 became the touring model and maintained the style cues of the original CB750 with the engine detuned slightly to provide a more well mannered riding experience.

The sporting heritage was revived in 1975 with the introduction of the CB750F which borrowed the sportier look of the CB400F and benefitted from a number mechanical improvements.

A year later, Honda introduced the CB750A which mated the CB750 engine with an innovative automatic transmission. This bike was aimed squarely at the US market and, although remaining in the line until the end, never achieved the popularity of the other models.