Club Meets

Over the years, there have been many international SOHC/4 meets organized by our members.

The Ride Book

The Ride Book was an idea hatched in 1997 by Linda Julien to commemorate the First New England Ride (NER). On the first page, it is written, “This is Volume I of many of the Journals of the Honda Single Overhead Cam-4 Owners Group”. And so it began. The Journal, or the SOHC/4 Ride Book, as it later became known, was sent around the world to various SOHC/4 events in 1997 and 1998. Events recorded during this third year of the Club’s existence included the First NER, the First WER – West European Ride, the First Mid-West Ride, MWR, and the Honda Hoot Gathering in June 1998.

1997 - First East Coast Gathering

Ride Book 1

The East Coast SOHC/4 Gathering was a lunch time gathering of some of the mid-atlantic region members that took place in Easton, Maryland on December 6, 1997. Attending were Glenn Stauffer, Bruce Giller and his wife Jane Prive, Doug Barton, and Andrew Price.

1997 - Inaugural New England Ride

Ride Book 2 Ride Book 3

The First New England Ride took place on August 1, 1997 in Woodstock, New Hampshire, USA. Six SOHC/4 members participated in this ride:

  • Linda Julien, #315
  • Dave “From Maine” Whitney, #394
  • Jack Raitto, #128
  • Karen Brooks, #237
  • Bob Gross, #321
  • Neil Christie, #313

1997 - First West Europe Ride

The First Annual WER took place over several days beginning on 8/16/97. The ride centered on Ghent, Belgium with forays to Nieuwport, Ostend, and Brugge.

Riders in Attendance:

  • Linda Julian from the US
  • Johnny Verhoeven of Belgium (the organizer)
  • Rene van Maanan of The Netherlands
  • Axel Griessman of Germany

1998 - Second East Coast Gathering

The Honda Hoot, Ashville, NC, June 1998 The 1998 Honda Hoot in Ashville, North Carolina was the occaision for another gathering of the SOHC/4 faithful. Attending this gathering were Steven Barber, Airyn Darling, Phil Jeffey, Glenn Stauffer, John & Reneee Hilpertshauser, Lloyd Horton, William McNulty, Bruce Giller, and Dave Myers.

1998 First Midwest Ride

The inaugural MidWest Ride took place on 9/20/1997 starting in Dubuque, Iowa and followed the Great River Road along the Mississippi through Iowa, Illinois, ending up in Prairie de Chien, Wisconsin.

Riders in Attendance:

  • Scott Kilborn
  • Steve Ensley
  • Brian Finnegan
Ride book 4 Ride book 5
Ride book 6 Ride book 7
Ride book 8

International Meets

2006 Ace Cafe London

This ride was organized by Steve Dennis on January 5, 2006.

Ace Cafe Ride #1 Ace Cafe Ride #2

2006 Northern California Ride

This ride took place north of San Francisco on August 27, 2006.

NorCal Ride 1 NorCal Ride 2 NorCal Ride 3 NorCal Ride 4 NorCal Ride 5 NorCal Ride 6
NorCal Ride 7 NorCal Ride 8 NorCal Ride 9 NorCal Ride 10 NorCal Ride 11 NorCal Ride 12
NorCal Ride 13 NorCal Ride 14 NorCal Ride 15 NorCal Ride 16 NorCal Ride 17

St Louis Ride

This ride was organized by members Einyodeler and Louvinmoto.

St Louis Ride 1 St Louis Ride 2 St Louis Ride 3
St Louis Ride 4 St Louis Ride 5 St Louis Ride 6
St Louis Ride 7

2006 Gilmore Vintage Show

SOHC/4 members rode out to the Vintage Motorcycle Weekend at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan USA.

GVS #1 GVS #2 GVS #3 GVS #4 GVS #5
GVS #6 GVS #7 GVS #8 GVS #9 GVS #10

Ally Pally

Members visited the Ally Pally show at Alexandra Place in London, UK

Ally Pally #1 Ally Pally #2 Ally Pally #3
Ally Pally #4 Ally Pally #5 Ally Pally #6

Box Hill

Members gathered at Box Hill in the UK (5/29/2006)

Roly, Andy, Jim ,Kev Jim on the Kettle Frank Cooper Frank & Steve Box Hill #5
Box Hill #6 Box Hill #7 Box Hill #8 Box Hill #9 Box Hill #10

2006 Classic Mechanics Show

A group of SOHC/4 enthusiasts met at the 2006 Classic Mechanics Motorcycle Show in the UK.

CM Show #1 CM Show #2 CM Show #3 CM Show #4 CM Show #5 CM Show #6 CM Show #7
CM Show #8 CM Show #9 CM Show #10 CM Show #11 CM Show #12 CM Show #13 CM Show #14