Soichiro Honda

Events from the Life of Soichiro Honda

Date Event
November 17, 1906 Soichiro is born to Gihei Honda, a blacksmith, and his wife Mika in Komyo Village which is now incorporated into the Tenryu Ward of Hamamatsu, Japan.
April 1922 Joined Art Shokai at the age of fifteen as an apprentice in this Tokyo automobile repair business.
April 1928 Art Shokai Hamamatsu Completed his apprenticeship and opened a branch of Art Shokai in Hamamatsu, where he earned the title, “the Edison of Hamamatsu”
1936 The Tokai Seiki company was established by Honda and an associate to manufacture piston rings. By 1939, the company employed more than 2,000 people and supplied piston rings to Toyota and other companies. After the war, Honda sold his interest in the company to Toyota.
September 1, 1946 Original Honda Location The Honda Technical Research Institute was established at No. 30, Yamashita-cho in Hamamatsu City and work was begun on a motorized bicycle.
September 24, 1948 Founding of the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. It was capitalized at ¥1 million. Including President Soichiro Honda, there were 34 employees.
1973 Honda retires as President of Honda Motor Company staying on as a director.
August 5, 1991 Obituary Soichiro Honda dies of liver failure at age 84.