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The small Honda FOUR was initially intended to be two models, a 250cc and 350cc model. In the end, it was judged that the performance of a 250 would be disappointing, due to internal friction losses that were beyond the technology of the time, so only the 350cc four was put into production. The CB350/4 proved a suitable entry level machine for the North American market and Europe. In spite of its entry-level focus, the CB350 was luxuriously finished with an upright riding position, four tilted-up silencers and chromium-plated mudguards. When first introduced, it attracted attention as the world’s first four-cylinder production bike of such small capacity, but this curiosity never translated into market appeal and the CB350 was never a big seller.

Serial Numbers

Model Model Year Frame Engine
CB350 F0 1972/1973 CB350E-1000001 CB350F-1000001
CB350 F1 1974 CB350E-2000001 CB350F-2000001

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Flake Matador Red Candy Bacchus Olive

The CB350F0 was offered in 1972 and 1973 and was available in two colors, Candy Bacchus Olive and Flake Matador Red with white and orange tank stripes. The side cover emblem, “350 Four”, was painted red and white. Like the other single overhead cam bikes in 1972, the CB350F featured a 4 exhaust pipes and a 5 speed transmission.



Th 1974 CB350F1 was available in one color, Glory Blue Black and featured gold tank stripes. The side cover emblem, “350 Four”, was painted white and orange. The exhaust and mechanicals remained the same.


Front 3.00x18in. Bridgestone
Rear 3.50x18in. Bridgestone
Front 10.25×1.5(x2)in.
Rear 6.3×1.2in.
Brake Swept area 67.8sq.in.
Specific Brake Loading 8.03lb/sqin
Type in-line four cylinder, SOHC
Bore and Stroke 1.85×1.97in.; 47x50mm
Piston Displacement 21.2cu.in.; 347cc
Compression Ratio 9.3:1
Valve Clearance, intake 0.05mm
Valve Clearance, exhaust 0.05mm
Carburetion 4; 20mm Keihin
Float Height 21mm
Ignition Battery and coil; breaker points
Contact Point Clearance 0.3-0.4mm
Spark Plug D8ea
Fuel Tank 3.2gal/12.1 liters
Oil 3.2 pints (3.5 liters)
Lighting 12v, 156 watts
Battery 12v, 12ah
Gear Ratio
1st 20.93
2nd 14.18
3rd 10.83
4th 8.75
5th 7.39
Wheelbase 53.2in.
Seat Height 31 1/4in. w/rider
Ground Clearance 6.1in w/rider
Curb Weight 394lbs., 1/2 tank gas
Test Weight 544lbs w/rider
Power (crankshaft) 32Hp (23.8Kw)
MPH/1000rpm, top gear 9.83
0-60mph 8.4 seconds
Standing Start 1/4 mile 15.61secs.; 81.96mph
Top Speed 98mph
Est. Gas Mileage

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