1975 CB400F


Design and development of the CB400F model commenced in 1973 as a refinement of the CB350 with the aim of achieving better overall performance and creating a distinctive style for the smaller fours. The engine’s capacity was increased by enlarging the 350′s bore, a six-speed gearbox was used and a handsome chromed 4-into-1 exhaust system gave the 400 a striking and original look. The CB400F was an instant hit. It was a masterpiece of subtle styling that drew many enthusiastic riders to Honda when revealed in 1975. Leading a trend towards uncluttered European-style ‘cafe racer’ machines, the CB400F had the lean looks of a competition bike. For the first time on a Honda Four, low-set handlebars and rearset footrests were standard. Attractive and simple primary colour schemes were offered, with decals replacing badges on the tank. Despite its modest capacity, the sheer riding pleasure the four offered made it much a loved model very soon thereafter to be ranked as a classic.

Serial Numbers

Model Area Code Type Frame # Engine #
CB400F A USA CB400F-1000006~1038492 CB400FE-1000001~1038563
E England CB400F-1007709~1073399 CB400FE-1000001~1069245
G Germany CB400F-1003864~1073209 CB400FE-1000001~1068984
F France CB400F-1003859~1071669 CB400FE-1000001~1067426
ED Europe Direct CB400F-1003869~1072669 CB400FE-1000001~1068486
DK General Export (KPH) CB400F-1000154~1084349 CB400FE-1000001~1080155
DM General Export (MPH) CB400F-1007394~1047804 CB400FE-1000001~1044878
S Sweden CB400F-1012968~1033142 CB400FE-1000001~1033298
U Australia CB400F-1007369~1084404 CB400FE-1000001~1080210
CB400F1 A USA CB400F-2000001~2008280 CB400FE-2000001~2100000
CM Canada CB400F-2008281~2009350 CB400FE-2000001~2100000
CB400F2 A USA CB400F-2100001~2104166 CB400FE-2100001~2104125
CM Canada CB400F-2103567~2105061 CB400FE-2103573~2105072
E England CB400F-1073400~1088559 CB400FE-1069242~1086660
G Germany CB400F-1074740~1085944 CB400FE-1000001~1068984
F France CB400F-1075280~1086459 CB400FE-1069242~1086660
ED Europe Direct CB400F-1075640~1090755 CB400FE-1069242~1086660
S Sweden CB400F-1075640~1090755 CB400FE-1069242~1086660

Model Guide

There were three variations of the CB400F, the F (or F0), the F1, and the F2. Worldwide sales numbered approximately 105,000 bikes.


CB400F0 The F0 was offered in 1975 and 1976 and featured a solid color tank and side-panels in Light Ruby Red or Varnish Blue. The tank logo featured a large “Honda” with a smaller “Super Sport” logo underneath. The side-cover logo read “400 Four” in a distint double-line font. In 1976, after frame number 1056883, the passenger footpegs were moved from a swing-arm mount to a loop bracket welded to the frame.



The F1 model was offered in 1977 in the US and Canada markets with Light Ruby Red or Parakeet Yellow tank paint options with black side covers. The most significant changes from the F0 are higher handlebars and front foot rests which were moved further forward for a more comfortable riding position.



The F2 model started with frame number 1073400 and was offered in two new colors, candy antares red or parakeet yellow with a silver “Honda” logo. A stripe was added to the tank and the the sidecover logo font was changed from the previous model. In the US market, the side covers were black like the F1 model. The tank was restyled with a slightly recessed locking filler cap. The raised handlebars were brought foward from the F1 in all markets. After engine number 1084315, longer cylinder head studs were used to attempt to fix issues with oil weeping from the head gasket.


Engine and transmission
Displacement 408.0 ccm (24.90 cubic inches)
Engine type In-line four, four-stroke
Power 37.0 HP (27.0 kW) @8500 RPM
Top speed 158.0 km/h (98.2 mph)
Compression 9.4:1
Bore x stroke 51.0 x 50.0 mm (2.0 x 2.0 inches)
Gearbox 6-speed
Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels
Front tire 3.00-18
Rear tire 3.50-18
Front brakes Single disc
Rear brakes Expanding shoe
Physical measures and capacities
Weight 184.0 kg (405.7 pounds)
Fuel capacity 14.00 litres (3.70 gallons)

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