Police Bikes

Honda produced two SOHC/4 police bike variants, the CB750P and the CB550P.


This brochure, featured on the Northern Territory Police Museum site is for a later model bike.

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The BikeBros features these detailed photos of a 1970 Japanese CB750P.

1970 CB750P

headlight The headlight was the same part used on the CB450P handlebar switch
brief box A document box and blue flashing lamp was mounted on the rear fender. front light and siren A front frame held a red flashing light and siren on the left side and just the red light on the right. The frame doubled as a protective bumper. rear bumper A rear bumper on both sides protected the four-into-four pipes.

The CB750P was used by police forces around the world.

Northern Territory Police The Northern Territory Police in Australia poliebikes


Peter Rose of digitalpizza.com purchased and restored a 1970 CB750 Police Special. Details of the restoration can be found on his website

The Northern Territory Police Museum website has details on the CB750P used by this Australian police force.

The CB750P appeared in a number of films as detailed here.