CB750F Yellow


In 1975, Honda revamped the 750 model line, which had evolved to become a reliable, comfortable tourer, with the addition of the CB750F Super Sport. This model was engineered to take the 750 back to its superbike roots with improved performance, handling, and braking combined with a more radical style highlighted by the four-into-one exhaust.

This model, originally thought to replace the CB750K, remained aside the K model in Honda’s lineup through the 1978 model year with few changes.

Production Data

Model Production
CB750 F0 15,000
CB750 F1 44,000
CB750 F2 25,000
CB750 F3 18,400

Serial Numbers

Model # Year Production Dates Frame # Engine #
CB750 F0 1975 01/75 – 02/75 1000002 to 1015054 2500004 to 25115085
CB750 F1 1976 03/75 – 11/76 2000003 to 2022317 2525094 to 2563530
CB750 F2 1977 11/76 – 05/77 2100011 E2600004
CB750 F3 1978 05/77 – 05/78 2200001 E3100001

Model Guide

1975 CB750F0

Candy Sapphire Blue Flake Sunrise Orange

The CB750F was introduced in 1975 and offered in two colors, Flake Sunrise Orange and Candy Sapphire Blue.  The bike featured a 4-into-1 exhaust with a plastic rear cowling around the seat painted the same color as the tank.  The side covers were black.  Spoke wheels were used with a front and rear single disk brakes.  The engine and fork legs were silver which was the standard color for all the 750’s.

1976 CB750F1

Sulfur Yellow Candy Antares Red

The 1976 CB750F1 was available in Sulfur Yellow or Candy Antares Red. The only change for this model year was the introduction of green gauge faces. The engine received a number of modifications after engine #2500004 including a new camshaft; new pistons producing a compression ratio of 9.2/1 and a new case without the primary chain oiler. The Final drive gear ratio was changed to 48/50.

1977 CB750F2

Candy Presto Red Black

The CB750 F2 of 1977 was available painted Candy Presto Red or Black.  A red gas tank stripe with gold pinstripe accents was added.  The side covers, rear cowling, and gas tank were now all painted the same basic color.  Comstar wheels were added with dual front brake disks. The engine and fork legs were now painted black.

After engine numbers, CB750E-2600014 and CB750GE-1000014, the following modifications where made: New cylinder head with bigger valves (34/31mm i/o 32/28mm), larger combustion chamber, larger carb mount rubbers, stronger cam chain, new camshaft, stronger valve springs, new retainers, cotters, new pistons compression ratio 9/1. New rod bigend bolts and bearings, stronger clutch springs, additional fins on crankcase, larger fins on oil pan, “oil cooler” - finned plate between oil filter case and engine. Final drive 15/43 or 14/43.

1978 CB750F3

Candy Presto Red Black

The final CB750 model kept the Candy Presto Red and Black color options of the previous year.  The only change from 1977 was a new graphic design for the “750 Four” side cover emblem.


Engine type Four-stroke transverse parallel single overhead cam four cylinder
Bore & stroke 61mm x 63mm
Displacement 736.4cc
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Ignition battery/dual coils/ dual points
Charging system 12 volt, AC generator, voltage regulator, selenium rectifier
Carburetion 4, 28mm Keihin slid/needle
Lubrication dry sump, 3.7 qt (3.5L) tank capacity
Primary drive 2 single-row chains; 1.985:1 ratio
Clutch wet, 7 plate
Starting system electric and primary kick
Transmission 5-speed, left-foot shift
Drive ratios
Gear Ratio
1 14.01
2 9.57
3 7.47
4 6.35
5 5.44
Transmission sprocket 17-tooth
Rear wheel sprocket 48-tooth
Drive chain 5/8in. pitch; 3/8in. wide, #530 chain
Front fork 5in. (127mm) travel
Rear shocks 5-way adjustable, 3.8in. (96.5mm) travel
Front brake single-action hydraulic caliper; 11.7in. (298mm) disc
Rear brake double-action hydraulic caliper; 11.7in. (298mm) disc
Front tire 3.25H19 rib
Rear tire 4.00H18
Frame tubular steel, double downtube
Steering head angle 28 degrees from vertical
Front wheel trail 4.5in. (115mm)
Wheelbase 58.0-59.3in. (147.3-150.6cm)
Length 87.3in. (221.7cm)
Weight 503lb (228.2kg)
Weight distribution F/R %: 44.7/53.3
Ground clearance 5.6in. (142.2mm) at exhaust collector
Seat height 32.6in. (828mm) unladen
Handlebar width 31.8in. (807.7mm)
Handlebar grip height 43in. (109.2cm)
Footpeg height Left: 13in. (330.2mm); Right: 12.4in. (315mm)
Instrumentation speedometer, tachometer, tripmeter
Gas tank steel, 4.8 US Gallon (18.2L)
Gas consumption 38.3mpg (16.3km/L)
1/4 mile acceleration 13.10 sec, 101.5mph (163.3kph)
Stopping distance, 30mph 34ft (10.4m)
Stopping distance, 60mph 141 2/3 ft (43.2m)
Sound level (SAE XJ 331a) 78.6db(A)
US Retail price East Coast: $2165; West Coast: $2152